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Star Pest Control

Star Pest Control Ltd has been solving pest problems for commercial and domestic customers for more than 5 years. Using the most up to date pest control techniques and technology we keep our customers pest free and keep our staff at the forefront in the use of pesticides and non-toxic pest control methodology.

Star Pest Control Ltd staffs receive regular and appropriate pest control skills training.

Professional, reliable and effective pest control – that has been the motto of Star Pest Control Ltd throughout its 5 year lifespan. Star Pest Control Ltd was established, from humble beginnings, here in the UK in 2005.

The high quality of service delivery and customer loyalty, combined with a highly skilled workforce, has enabled the company to spread its wings across United Kingdom.

In all our years of operation Star Pest Control Ltd has never stopped learning. We've amassed an unrivalled store of pest control expertise and we've always managed to stay one jump ahead of the latest pests - by developing our products and services faster than they evolve.

The success of Star Pest Control Ltd is based on the development of a trained, structured & motivated management team supported by a sound financial backing.

Our business philosophy is founded on the belief that people are the company’s greatest asset and that specialisation of tasks produces areas expertise.

Star Pest Control Ltd is continually working on the development and implementation of new ideas, systems and technology.