Residential Pest Control

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Rats & Mice

Star Pest Control provides professional pest control services to homes and is the name you can trust to deal with any pest problem in your property. Our call-out service for pest problems is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

Rats and mice can cause a whole range of problems including introducing disease and parasites to your home, structural damage and food spoilage on a massive scale. While evicting an established infestation can be a major problem for the householder, a number of simple steps can help prevent things getting out of hand.

We offer the full range of pest control treatments for all types of rodents.

Star Pest Control only use the safest most effective treatments available in the UK.

We offer a free site survey and insect identification and we only use pesticides which are fully approved to European Union standards.

For more detailed information about pests please visit our Pest Guides.